Web hosting at affordable prices

Secure hosting for any kind of website

A fast website is extremely important. Not only does speed contribute to the findability of your website, you will also lose customers with a slow website. With good hosting you ensure that your website works at lightning speed. And let Hitnews be an expert in that.

We offer the appropriate hosting package for both small websites and large websites with more than 1000 daily visitors. We invest in our infrastructure and features, so that we can make your website permanently faster.

In addition to web hosting, we also ensure that you can send your e-mail professionally.

Included in all accounts:


Website hosting

1 year plan

For your WordPress site

€ 60.00

XLV E-mail hosting

1 jaar plan


€ 15.00

E-mail hosting

1 jaar plan

Op je eigen domein

€ 30.00

5 email accounts €130
10 email accounts €250